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The Harry Potter Ephemera Archive


The Potterclippings Archive
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Potterclippings was created as a place to archive saved Harry Potter-related ephemera.

Welcome to the Potterclippings Archive! This is a community dedicated to the collecting and archiving of Harry Potter related ephemera. Wikipedia defines ephemera as “transitory written and printed matter not intended to be retained or preserved. The word derives from the Greek, meaning things lasting no more than a day.” We are primarily interested in newspaper and magazine articles, but also include movie ticket stubs, pamphlets, bookmarks and postcards in the archive.


This archive was created to preserve the legacy of the Harry Potter fandom as it existed when newspapers were still the main medium for obtaining news and information. The Potterclipping Mods began collecting Harry Potter newspaper articles starting in 1999, and have now been collecting for over a decade. Now that the long wait for the last Harry Potter books and movies is over, we decided it was time to share our collections with the wider Harry Potter fan community, and to preserve it in digital form for future fans. Potterclippings is actively seeking submissions, please see the guidelines below.


Do you have a collection of Harry Potter articles and ephemera? We accept submissions of scans and GOOD QUALITY photos to add to the archive. To submit, become a member of the community and follow the links to post to the community. Submissions are regulated by the mods. If you want help with your submissions, feel free to contact the Potterclip Mods, akikotree, katlaoesk and potterclipmod. Sorry, but we DO NOT accept fan art, fic, icons, advertisements or other graphics in this community. We also do not accept links to online articles, interviews or news sources. We are only interested in clippings of physical printed material. Please see our rules about citations, below. Please contact us via email at potterclippings@gmail.com if you would like to send scans via email. Potterclippings accepts articles originally published in any language, but we ask that you add a citation both in the original language and in English.


If you are submitting to the community, you must be able to cite the original source of the article. Citations are very important to the archive. The MINIMUM citation required is the title and author of the article and the newspaper or magazine in which it was originally printed. If possible, please also include the date that it was printed and the page number/s. To see examples of citations, look at some of the articles already posted in the archive.

If you have a question about anything related to Potterclippings, please ask it in a comment on this post--->http://potterclippings.livejournal.com/679.html

If you are a new member, start by filling out our member survey---> http://potterclippings.livejournal.com/7991.html?view=3127#t3127

You can also find Potterclippings on tumblr--->http://potterclippings.tumblr.com/

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